Shareholders Scheme

Sponsorship & Shareholder Opportunity for 2017


Joe is now looking for support for the 2017 season!

Last year Joe proposed a Shareholders scheme to help fund his season.  It successfully allowed him to play in all events scheduled on The MENA Tour.

The Scheme was aimed at raising £16,000 to cover all expenses for the season.  The £16,000 needed was made available into 20 individual shares of £800 each.

The return of investment for each share was 80% of Joe’s total years earnings, equally split amongst the 20 shares invested. When the shareholders received their full investment back, additional earnings were split 50/50.

2016 Shareholders made profit and have rolled their share into the 2017 season

The costs and expenses for 2017 are estimated at £16,000

Costs include everything from memberships, entry fees, flights, hotels, rental cars and petrol, to even yardage books.

In addition to a return in investment, there is also other opportunities available depending upon the amount invested.

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• 20 shares available

Each share is worth equivalent of £800

•3 levels of shareholders available

•Each share is bound by a 1 year contract commencing from the 1st of January 2017 until the 31st December 2017. The season commences as of March.

•Prize money is distributed back to shareholders dependent on the amount of shares they own

•Shareholders will receive an 80/20 split of their portion of prize money until the original investment is repaid.

•Once the shareholder has made 100% of their original investment back, additional earnings will be split 50/50

If this opportunity sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch with Joe for full details via email;