Joe’s Birdie Club


Join me on my Journey!

Get involved and become part of my golfing career without paying the heavy price of a sponsorship!  Join my birdie club for as little as 50p (3AED) per birdie.

The concept:

You can join My Birdie Club by donating any desirable amount for each birdie I make in every competitive round for the 2017 season


You join My Birdie Club for £1 (5AED). This week I played Sunshine Tour Qualifying School and made 13 Birdies and 1 Eagle. Equalling 15 birdies.  For that week you donate £15 (75AED) to my Seasons costs. Simple.

How do you benefit?

Becoming part of the Team, becoming part of the Journey! After each tournament I’ll be sharing a mini-blog, including insights, thoughts and photos & videos via access to Joe’s Birdie Club Members Area.  I’ll also be offering online coaching and tips for those who are looking to improve in specific areas of their own game. Raffle Prizes, Auctions, Pro-Am Spots and chances to caddy are also up for grabs.  I’ll be hoping to organise a Charity fundraiser golf day towards the end of the season for all the Birdie Club Members! Visit the Members Page here.

How do I benefit?

Aside the motivation to make as many birdies as possible, the cost of a full touring season can run into the tens of thousands of pounds.  The task of securing a Main sponsor to cover the majority of the costs is increasingly difficult.  A smaller more affordable contribution from many people can drastically aid in taking the financial pressure off during competition.

Its the Little things that make the big difference!