1 Step back 2 steps forward

Another frustrating week on the golf course!  After taking a week off, missing the Europro event in Scotland at The Carrick, I got back in the gym and dialled in at home, in preparation for the  last 4 events on the Europro.  My game was sharp and confidence was high heading into this weeks event at Slaley Hall.  The course layout of The Priestman was great and the condition was immaculate, so no complaints there!

The starter on the first tee explained to us that the green staff were unable to cut the rough for 12 days due to heavy downpours of rain, and it definitely showed for it.  Just off the fairways was waist height, thick, ‘reload’ grass! If your ball went in it, good luck finding it!  In my second round, the par 5, 8th hole was fairly long hole with tight tee shot. After a 20 minute wait for the group ahead, my drive slightly veered to the left and came fractionally close to a ball spotter.  Even she couldn’t find it and it was right next to her! About 4 minutes of looking, my playing partner Neil found my ball 2 feet underground, in what only could be described as thick jungle! After taking a penalty drop back into the fescue and a returning from my bag with a wedge, the ball had disappeared again! Luckily I found it soon after, and hacked it out and made bogey.  Probably the most penal rough I’ve played this year!!




Anyhow, It just didn’t go the way I planned over the two rounds, I set the target for both days at -3, because with my driving distance I could quite easily birdie 3 out of the 4 Par 5s.  I struck the ball great and played very solid, 2 double bogeys came from difficult to control ‘fliers’ from the rough, which finished over the greens in the jumanji I described before. Missing only 6 greens of the 36; tee to green I couldn’t fault, the problem lied on the greens!

For some reason the ball would just not go in the hole! With roughly 15 birdie chances inside 20 feet I only managed to convert 1 on the par 3s and 4s.  Shaved edges after shaved edges and throw in a couple of horseshoes for good measure, it was safe to say the putter was ice cold. 34 putts on both days is my worst display of putting this year.  72 & 74 (+2) put me around 80th, 12 shots behind the leaders and 4 shots from the cut. The standard on the Europro is good!!

Its hard to stay positive when I’m missing cuts, but I believe I’m continuously improving and still moving forward.  This year is a learning curve and I’ve learnt so much already.  Confidence in my game is high and pieces are slowly coming together.  The low round and good week is just around the corner, I can feel it!

With another week in Newcastle, I’ll be preparing as best I can for Close House come Wednesday.  Hopefully I can gain some form and momentum to take into the following week at my home course Moor Allerton. Hope you all have a good weekend and heres a latest video of my swing 😉