Learning the trade

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while!

Wow! This year is going fast!! Its already August and Ive played 9 events out of the 15! I decided to take this week off to break up the 9 week run of competitions.  Feeling like I’m forever in my car in addition to the 10,000 miles I’ve clocked up since March, it seemed only appropriate to take some time off and recoup at home.

Where do we start?? 9 events in and I’ve only made 4 cuts.  On paper it looks like poor form, but I know I am playing very good golf!  The standard on the Europro is extremely good, winning scores each week are between 11 to 15 under par which is good enough scores for the Challenge and European tour for 3 days golf.

Every round I input my stats into Golf Data Lab & Golf Stat Tracker, where I can gain feedback on my strengths and areas of weaknesses.  To put it into perspective my stroke average for this season so far is 71.83 (0.42 over Par), with my worst score being +4 and best -3.  I feel as if Im playing good golf but not great golf, not once have I come off the course thinking I’ve shot a great round yet (which is rather frustrating).  I feel like I’m constantly improving, I’m learning the trade of a being a tour professional slowly but surely. All I can do is keep working on my weak areas, and keep knocking on the door for the 6,7,8 unders which are just around the corner which will eventually come!  Thats what I’ve learnt is the difference between me and the guys that at the top of the leader board every week.  They can produce a low round at least once in their 3 rounds.  At the minute I can string scores together around the level par mark, which isn’t going to win any tournaments… Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 13.44.14

I’ve played some really nice courses so far and met some great lads already. My brother asked me a good question a couple of weeks ago after strong finishes in Aberdeen. He asked “Do you feel like you deserve to be where you are now?” and it made me realise that I DO! I’m competing every week alongside Ex-England, Walker Cup, Challenge and European Tour players. With starting golf so late, growing up playing a 9 hole municipal, having not much County and no England experience I feel like I’ve come a long way already and I’ve still more to come!

A few weeks ago a family friend asked me if I could help out in a local school to produce some art that would go on display for the Walk of Art in a local town street, with the intention of auctioning it off for Charity.  I’d never done anything like this before and it was great working with the kids smacking balls covered in paint into different canvases. I also got involved with some coaching with the help of PGA Pros Ellie and Lewis from Moor Allerton.  The kids loved it and it feel great getting involved with another side to just playing! Thanks to Sarah and the school for making everything run smoothly!

IMG_2874 IMG_2872


Newmachar – Aberdeen


Montrose Links – Aberdeen


Chart Hills – Kent


I’m looking forward to the last 4 events of the Europro, one being my home golf course!  A bit more sharpening up to do hopefully with a run of good scores heading into that event, I feel confident I have every chance of winning it!

Another reminder that I also have some shares available in my Shareholder Scheme, so I can fund the rest of my season playing in the Middle East, if your interested or may know anyone that could be interested I’d greatly appreciate the support, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The next event is Slaley Hall, I hope you all have a good week and will keep you updated as I go on…