Welcome to Joe’s Birdie Club

Welcome to the brand new  Joe’s Birdie Club!

If you are reading this you are officially a member! In the members area you will find true first hand insights and perspectives  throughout the 2017 season.  As a Professional Golfer, to an extent you have to portray a manner of professionalism both on and off the golf course, however Joe’s Birdie Club will be a totally relaxed personal experience exclusively for members only.

Many see the life of a Touring Professional as the ultimate glamorous lifestyle, the travel, the experiences, doing what you love for a living, the Birdie Club is the true way you find out what really goes on. Keeping it lighthearted and interactive, my blogs and posts will be as true to who I am as a person; I’ll say things how they are, no Bullshit!

So, what can you expect from the members area?

My posts will include everything and anything!  The saying “What happens on Tour, stays on Tour” will be unearthed in my blogs.  They’ll include my views, thoughts and feelings before, during and after competition, through writing, pictures, videos.  The entertaining stories, the mishaps, the highs and lows of touring golf and everything in between is what you can expect.  Each blog and post will have a comments section where you can leave your thoughts and opinions or discuss with other members.

On a serious note the donations for each and every birdie you contribute to my seasons costings goes a long way, I am truly and forever grateful for the support that you offer.

I’m exited for the journey ahead of reaching my goals at the top, and thrilled you can join me on this voyage.

See you soon